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Enhance the Appearance with Fabric Clothing Labels

Adding clothing labels to a garment can bring a new sense of style to a design. Clothing labels can be created with a unique design, statement or logo. Many companies, both large and small, are turning to custom created clothing labels to enhance the appearance of their products.

We create fabric/cloth labels to the customer's specification. The colors, the design, and the lettering are all printed or embroidered onto each of the clothing labels, and they will be ready to be sewn into the garment when the order is received. Our customer service staff will ensure that there is a clear understanding of what the client needs.

There are some things that will need to be considered when placing an order for clothing labels.  One major decision will come with the folds and how the label will be applied to the garment.  There are five different folds that are available. How the label will be attached will decide which fold is right for the garment.

If the clothing labels are sewn into the garment on all four sides, then a straight cut label is needed. The straight cut label has no folds and is ready to be sewn into the product when the customer receives the order.

The end fold is another choice.  End folded clothing labels have the ends (right and left sides) pre-folded so they can be sewn into the product on the ends only.  This allows the label to loop off of the product and is great for garments that may need to be hung up like suit jackets or sweaters.  They can be applied in the same fashion as a straight cut label, but they produce a much softer edge.

Center fold clothing labels are designed to be sewn into the seam of a garment.  There, typically, is no extra charge associated with this fold unless the clothing labels are very small or extremely large. They can also be used as hem labels or sleeve labels. The options are open to the designer's ideas.

A miter fold has ends that are first folded under and then are folded upwards. This creates a tab that is perfect for sewing into a seam.

The Manhattan fold is very similar to the Miter fold but, along with the ends of the clothing labels, the tops are folded down and there is a flap that the bottom can fold into. This type of fold also works well when placed in the seam of a garment.

Our goal, at Cruz Label, is to produce high quality, ready to apply, and very unique clothing labels for our customers.